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Bodak Yellow

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Oasis Beach Club

If you're ever in Rhodos, I truly reccomend Oasis Beach Club in Kalithea. It' only about 15-20 minutes with a taxi out of Rhodos town (15 euro), and there you have several beaches to choose from. We went to a few different ones but Oasis was my favourite one with loads of sunbeds, a bar inside the mountain and live DJ playing House Music! Well worth the trip.

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Mike Dooley 30 Day Challenge

As I mentioned in my previous text post, my birthday has just recenty passed, and I am a person who sets new Intentions and goals for every new year when my Birthday turns, rather when the New Year (end of 2017, beginning of 2018 etc) arrives. I think it's because I feel very powerful in the time of summer and always feel like new beginnings are around the corner, compared to at the actual New Year, when I usually feel pretty far down and uninspired due to the cold and dark weather in Norway.

So for this year...like I mentioned earlier, I want to set clear and powerful intentions for the new year as 23 year old. So, how to do that?
It's many ways to put out intention and manifestation in your life, but I have this year chosen to follow Mike Dooley's 30 Days to Happiness Challenge, which is a practical guide going over 30 days with the intention of helping you find the spark in your soul and steer the direction of your life. This is originally a "New Year" challenge which a lot of people participate it within the beginning of the year (typically January 1st), but as I never feel inspired and encouraged at that time of year, and measure my "new years" by my birthdays, I thought it'd be a perfect challenge to start. 

I also wish to share this challenge with all of you guys because I really find it to be very powerful and builds up momentum in your life. 
"But can't you just decide what you want your new year to be like, and leave it at that?", sure, I probaply could, but my head does not function like that. I need projects, I need to be inspired in consistancy, because if I am not, the idea, intention or purpose, will be lost as quickly as it arrived.  

So, this is a 30 day challenge, you can find the full challenge on Mike Dooley's site (which is very inspiring, but perhaps not for everybody!) here
And I will also be sharing the process day by day with you guys and I encourage you to all come along and bring intentions into your new year. No it's not January 1st, maybe not the day after your Birthday, maybe not Monday, but no one ever said that this day needs to be the same as yesterday or that tomorrow's day needs to be the same as today. You are always in power to create change in your life, and that is my wish for you & the world. 


Get clear about your Priority Areas for Change
"Write down at least 5 general areas of your life that you want to create change in and develop over the next year. Keeping your goals for change general is powerful because it gives the Universe power to orchestrate the details and figure out ?how? your goals can manifest in the best way possible".

With this I mean a life with much more balance in how I spend my days, an everyday with much more passion, happiness and purposeful living. I feel like I waste so much time on energy draining and completely unfulfilling things like Social Media and TV-series.. I find myself more often than I like scrolling through meaningless Facebook post one after the next, that gives me absolutely nothing. Life is made up by the everyday life we live, and I feel like I could be so much further than I am had I spent my time much more precious. 

One of my biggest passions in life that has driven me since I was very young is my passion to save this earth. I am terrified of the direction we are throwing our earth in, only driven by greed. We are destroying an earth that we seriously can live with in harmony, we don't need to destroy it at all, everything humanity need for survival is provided by nature and one of the biggest issues are the destruction of our environment for production of meat. I haven't eaten meat in a long time (only fish), but how can I preach about fixing the earth unless I can fix myself and lead by example? This goes hand in hand with health as the stuff we actually put in our bodies is not only bad for the environment, but truly destructive and fatal for our bodies as well. This year I wish to take my Pescetarianism to the next level and try to gain a full plant based diet. When I have done this in the past I have so much more energy, feel so much happier and healthier and it's something I wish to truly master rather early than later in my life. I really want to learn how to cook clean and healthy food as the stuff we often buy in stores have so much additives and addictive and un-healthy, unecassery sh*t in them, so cheers to learn to make my own, vegan, plant based, delicious food!

This one is a big one for me. I have gradually come closer to this the past two years, but looking back only to when I was 21 (and still a bit to this day) I have in so many situations and relationships felt guilty for who I am and on basis of that, apologized for who I am and always assumed that other people are  right and I am wrong. For a long time I used to think that was the right thing to do as a human being, but compromises is one thing and letting other people use and change you is a total different one. This year I wish to find strength in who I am, dare to be all of that and express my authenticity fully and unapologetically. Don't pour yourself empty to fill someone else's cup..


This one goes a bit hand in hand with the one above. I've done so much to keep unfulfilling and bad friendships in my life just because I was scared that if I let those people go I will have nobody. But this year I wish to be true to myself and whoever hops off that boat, will be welcome to do so. I've had very few real friends in my life, as I am such an intense person that people usually fall in love with parts of me and not all that I am, that I've spent my life hiding from real connections and stayed with superficial relations. This year I wish to manifest new, deep, connected and authentic friendships.

I have been blogging on and off for sooo many years but never really found my voice, and in insecurity, always ended up deleting it. My biggest passion in life is writing, communication, photography and video editing, so having a blog is the perfect outlet for all of this, and a great way to share what I am doing like a Portfolio and also to inspire me to be consistent with my passions! As I mentioned earlier under "Balanced & Purposed Life" I really wish to have more of my passions in my everyday life, so using my blog as a platform for this and really get it going is my biggest wish for this year! I hope to be consistent with publishing and building a place I am proud of and represents me and my visions alongside my creative work!

Dancing is something I have always been very passionate about - but not very good at! It is such an amazing way to exercise and gives me the most incredible energy burst. It's something I really want to be confident in doing and I have already signed up for some dance classes and I am so excited to see where I can be in 1 year! 


Create a Theme
Creating a theme helps you to nail down, stylize, and get excited about the changes that will soon be sweeping through your life. Choose a theme that resonates with you and write it down, using words that have special meaning to you. You may even wish to base it on one or more of your general areas for change from Day 1. Explain your theme?s importance and all of its fun ramifications. For example, if your theme is adventure that might mean: travel, trying new things, meeting new people, taking chances, exploring new places, leaving your comfort zone, and saying yes to new opportunities. You can even write down several themes and what each one means to you.


Get Into the Details and Create a Sense of Excitement

On Day 1 you wrote down 5 general areas of your life where you want to create change over the next year. Now, let those general goals lead you to discover the specific details that excite you; the juicy, sexy, wonderful details that make your heart pound! This will ramp up your emotional connection to the goals you have. Make a list of the details that will be drawn into your life once those goals have manifested. Consider what you'll see, what you?ll hear, and what you'll feel. This activity is like creating a visionboard, only using words instead of pictures.

 Balanced &    
   Purposed Life  
Earth / Natural Health Self Love / Authenticy     Friendships                      Blog                         Dancing         
Getting much out of 
every day
Eating clean, 
natural, plant based 
Being honest with myself
& the people closest
Having real, connected
deep friendships
Publishing my blog
Make it a portfolio
Spending time 
purposely divided
Feeling fresh & healthy Being true, strong
and confident
Being invited out on 
Develop my writing 
Feel confident 
Feeling inspired Making Recipe book Ability to say no Enjoying my life with them Share photography  Do a performance
Living inspired Inpspiring others  Feeling authentic Having a bestfriend Build an audience Share a dance video

Tomorrow I will be posting Day Four and hope that you will come along and share your own inspirational and intentional Journey the next 30 Days!

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Tell the sky to dance for me

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twenty three and free

My Birthday has just passed and I turned into my lucky number: 23. The previous years has had its challenges and I am sure this year will bring a few as well, but I really want to try to set clear intentions for what I wish for the next year to bring. One thing I've learned (amongst many) is that life can go great on shuffle, you can get amazing times in the mix, but that doesn't mean that you can't prevent it from being on shuffle and have full control over the direction of your life. 

When I was 21 I went through some really heart breaking and devastating experiences and as 22 I kind of recovered from those, chose to learn from my previous experiences and came to terms with that everything that had happened in my life, I had personally put there.
As 23 I wish to grow, I want to bloom, and I want to find my truth and express it. This year will be about finding confidence and excitement in who I am, and not be afraid to use my voice. I wish for a passionate life amongst people I don't feel like I have to numb myself down to fit in with. I want to accept who I am, and not be afraid to be that, fully & unapologetically.

I am a strange girl, but a very passionate one, and I am the happiest when I express creativity in forms of pictures and words and share that with the world ...But I am also a very insecure girl, who has become excited and happy when sharing myself with the world, but then go very fast back into anxiety of what people think about me, people who shouldn't matter. But I've let them matter and it hurts because it stops my growth and my life have become and endless cycle of gaining courage and daring to do, to doing, to taking it back and feeling ashamed, worried and anxious for what impression my expression has left the people around me with.

Something wonderful happens when I go out of my comfort zone, which awkwardly enough feels like the bridge towards my ultimate comfort zone: Full Freedom of Creativity and Expression; I gain new friendships and relations to people who appreciate it, which feels more real than the 95% of the relations I have in my life, but for some reason, that small percentage of realness, have never had the ability to over power the insecurity over rest, those who has always known me,  but never really truly known me; past class mates and current friends. 
...But, I always come back to this. I always come back to bleed at the keyboard or in my notebook. I cannot dim the flire anymore, it will only prevent me from shining the brightest I possibly can.

It's time to find the strength to grow up and as an adult, release the fright and insecurities that I've carried as a child and though my teenage years.

So why do I need to write and photograph publically? Because I am so many things, I am so much of everything, and some times (most times) it feels like no one ever really knows me, and that my connections to people are poor because they fall in love with parts of me. Never everything I am. So I want to be everything, the bad parts, the good parts, the intense extensions of every part, and hope that by sharing my true self, the people who are like me or accept me, will find me. 
And also because, maybe most importantly, we live in a world where we constantly are exposed to lives portraid as picture-perfect, where everyone looks fabulous and happy, rich and famous; through Instagram, Facebook and Blogs, in a world that is definitely anything but that. I want to be part of showing girls and boys that not everyone is always okay, because I certainly am not, and that is life. That is real.

So here I am, to share my passion for creativity, writing and photography through my winnings and downfalls, from an honest and raw perspective of an occasionally euphoric, sometimes chaotic, often depressed and far from perfect 23-year old. 

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Rolling Loud 2017 was a dope experience. I flew out by myself from Oslo, and got a ride with a man from San Francisco I got to know in the line of Immigration down to Miami from Fort Lauderdale. I had only talked to a Finish girl living in Paris on Instagram planning to meet up in Miami the next day. We had booked the same hostel and I arrived a day early (by mistake) and spent the first day walking around Miami and falling in love with the place.. Sure it?s a bit on the superficial side for my taste, but I had been in long need for the sun, ocean and cheerful people after almost a year in London and couple months in Oslo. Lucilla from Paris arrived late the next day. She was like the dark-haired version of me & it felt like our souls had planned our meeting long before this hiphop festival in Miami. We went for dinner and talked like we had known each other for years on. In the line of the festival quive the next day we met Lesedi, Mariam and another guy who I can?t remember the name of but was slaying his home-made Lady Gaga shirt, having only come to Miami with Miriam from London for the parties. They were all so good souls. After we got our wristbands, after almost getting kid-napped in a fake Uber, after being an hour early having misunderstood the ticketing system, we met some guys from Atlanta as well and went to Hooters for pre-drinks. We was also with this French girl who had been abandonded by her friend in Immigration at the airport, which is a whole crazy story for another time. We partied at the festival and met a couple guys who picked us up from out hostel the next day, and drove us to a private part of the island where they had rented a villa?with a pool. To Lucilla and me it was like we were in a dream. This festival sparked something in me that had been lost for a while, or maybe not the festival as the only thing really great about the festival was the line-up. It was the people. I hadn?t expected to become so inspired. But I was, and I am. It sparked something, because to me there isn?t a more beautiful thing than creative people with fire and drive in a constantly creative surpressive culture. I think we all met for a reason; to inspire each-other. This is my lookback to what I hopefully one day will remember as a time where something changed.

Thank you, XXX Carly


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Festival Vibes

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Palm Trees & Views

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Miami Beach🌊 🌊 🌊

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🌴Miami Days

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Live fast die young be wild have fun

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Miami Cab

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